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Membership Commitment

Membership Commitment

By becoming a member, organizations and institutions commit to actively contributing to the objectives of the SUN Movement and to embracing and adhering to the SUN Principles of Engagement1. These principles should inform and guide all aspects of the SUN CSA Myanmar. In addition, members are expected to:

  • Actively advocate and identify opportunities for pooling financial resources towards the SUN and the CSA;

  • Scale up own commitments to nutrition and align own programs to the CRF;

  • Based on analysis advocate for core issues related to undernutrition including such issues as women’s empowerment, child rights, and agricultural investment;

  • Engage in the development and formulation of government commitment to ensure that the voices of local communities are taken into account in financial, legal, programmatic, and political commitments on SUN;

  • Promote the adoption of national impact indicators for nutrition program monitoring and evaluation.

SUN CSA Myanmar