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Roles and Responsibilities of Chair and Co-chair

Roles and Responsibilities of Chair and Co-chair

The role of the Chair and Co-chair is to provide high-level guidance to the SC, the Secretariat and the CSA general assembly and to actively represent and advocate on behalf of the SUN CSA in country and globally as necessary.  The Chair and Co-Chair will work closely with the Secretariat and form a link with the SC.  In addition to fulfilling the responsibilities an SC member (Section 6.1.1), the Chair and Co-Chair will be responsible for:

  • Presiding over all meetings of the SC and the CSA general assembly, with operational and administrative support from the Secretariat;
  • Leading the SC in strategic planning and identifying funding opportunities;
  • Representing the CSA at high-level public events, with support from the Secretariat.

The Co-chair will support the Chair in undertaking these responsibilities. In the absence of the Chair, the Co-Chair will be responsible for taking over the role of the Chair.

Requirements of the Chair and Co-Chair

  • Adherence to commitments above;
  • Ability and motivation to actively participate in SC and CSA-related meetings;
  • HR costs covered by own organization;
  • Strong English communication skills;
  • Chair will ideally be from a local organization, Co-Chair from an international organization.