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Membership Terms and Reference

Membership Terms and Reference

Civil society organizations collectively have a very powerful voice and can provide grass-roots or community-driven support for scaling up nutrition locally.

SUN Civil Society Network (SUN CSN)

The SUN Civil Society Network (SUN CSN) was established to support the formation and evolution of Civil Society Alliances in SUN countries, as well as facilitate communication and coordination across SUN CSAs, and with the broader SUN Movement.

Purpose of the network

The primary purpose of the SUN Civil Society Network (SUN CSN) is to encourage the alignment of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) strategies, programs, and resources with country plans for scaling up nutrition. The CSN aims to achieve this by strengthening the support available for and the capacity of national Civil Society Alliances (CSA). It is responsible for encouraging effective engagement from civil society in the SUN process at national and global levels and supports CSAs in SUN countries to advocate for the development of ambitious plans. It also contributes to the implementation and rolling out of national costed plans and the monitoring of the delivery of those plans.

Figure 1: SUN CSA Myanmar's Governance and Linkages

SUN CSA Myanmar

The SUN CSA, as one of the networks of the SUN Movement in Myanmar, will be a catalyst for a sustained public, political, and financial commitment and action to address undernutrition in Myanmar through the continued development of a strong, coordinated civil society constituency that supports further development and wider implementation of the nutrition agenda.

Activities of the SUN CSA Myanmar

In alignment with the strategic objectives of the SUN Movement and building on past achievements including the formation of a functioning CSA with a growing membership, the key activities of the Alliance moving forward will include:

  1. Expanding and sustaining an enabling political environment, specifically:
  • Continuing to grow and strengthen a sustainable civil society alliance in Myanmar that is aligned with national priorities and the global SUN movement;
  • Advocate for policy coherence and sector policies that are consistent with nutrition objectives.
  1. Prioritizing effective actions that contribute to good nutrition, specifically:
  • Documenting and disseminating evidence-based best practices for scaling up nutrition in Myanmar.
  1. Implementing actions aligned with the national common results framework (CRF), specifically:
  • Building the capacity of CSOs to implement nutrition activities that contribute to national priorities and are aligned with the CRF;
  • Harmonizing nutrition messages in alignment with the CRF.
  1. Effectively using and significantly increasing financial resources for nutrition, specifically:
  • Working closely with other SUN Networks to sensitize policymakers and opinion leaders to increase financial resources for nutrition and support the scale-up of effective nutrition policies and programs.

Current membership

The SUN CSA Myanmar is comprised of representatives from national, regional, and international organizations and networks working in various areas including agriculture, health, humanitarian and aid assistance agencies, advocacy and research entities, consumer groups, and others. Organizations within the SUN CSA are working together to build capacity and maximize resources to ensure the greatest impact on nutrition.

Who can be a member

Following the principle of inclusiveness of the SUN movement, membership is open to any civil society organization or institution in Myanmar wanting to link with the SUN CSA. Joining the CSA should however be an institutional choice and not an individual one. Organizations that are already members of another network of the SUN Movement will not be eligible for SUN CSA membership.
Community-based, local, regional, national, and international non-governmental civil society organizations (CSOs) as well as professional associations engaged in nutrition-specific and/or nutrition-sensitive programming are eligible for membership. In order to ensure that the SUN CSA contributes to a country-led effort to scale up efforts to improve nutrition, the alliance will actively work to increase membership and enhance participation of local and community-based CSOs. Each member will have equal status and is requested to actively participate. Applications for membership will be reviewed by the CSA Secretariat and approval will be the norm except in special circumstances where an applicant’s goals or interests conflict with those of the SUN Movement.
Individuals working on direct nutrition interventions as well as those from organizations for whom nutrition may not be a strategic focus are welcome to become friends of the SUN CSA to follow the efforts of the Alliance and receive regular progress updates.

SUN CSA partners

The SUN CSA will also develop relationships with other non-member partners to support the network’s efforts and share experiences.

Guiding principles

By joining the SUN CSA, members commit to embracing and adhering to the SUN Principles of Engagement. These principles should inform and guide all aspects of the life of the SUN CSA both at the global level and in countries.

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