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Roles and Responsibilities of the Secretariat

Roles and Responsibilities of the Secretariat

The general function of the Secretariat is to coordinate the various inputs of CSA members to the national dialogue on nutrition and to support the advancement of nutrition on the development agenda for Myanmar.  The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the SUN CSA Myanmar as well as for communication within the Alliance and within the SUN Movement at the country and global levels, including:

  • Coordinating SC meetings every other month;
  • Coordinating general assembly meetings annually;
  • Recording and maintaining all minutes of SC and general assembly meetings;
  • Ensuring that expenditure is within the limits of budget approved by the SC and is in compliance with the host organization’s financial and accountability standards;
  • Collecting, receiving and managing grants based on the same standards of accountability and ensure regular undertaking of annual audits;
  • Providing regular financial reports to the SC;
  • Facilitating timely information sharing between the Steering Committee, CSA members and the SUN Movement;
  • Corresponding with other SUN networks at the country level;
  • Corresponding with the SUN Civil Society Network (CSN), the SUN Secretariat, and other networks of the SUN Movement at the global level;
  • Identifying appropriate member organizations for participation in CSA activities through a transparent process under the direct leadership of the SC.

The specific responsibilities of the Secretariat are briefly described in the following section.

1 Expand and sustain an enabling political environment

  • Expand membership across relevant sectors, constituencies, social movements and community organizations including those focusing on women and children;
  • With support from the SC, coordinate inputs of CSA members to MSP and national plan;
  • With technical guidance from the SC, engage in the development and formulation of government commitments to nutrition and help ensure the voices of local communities are taken into account in financial, legal, programmatic and political commitment to SUN;
  • Together with the other SUN Networks, support and facilitate the resources to support the development of advocacy tools;
  • With technical guidance from the SC, sensitize nutrition champions in country to advance the place of nutrition on the development agenda;
  • Advocate for multi-sectorial platforms that integrate nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive approaches.

2 Prioritize effective actions that contribute to good nutrition

  • Conduct mapping/stock-taking of nutrition relevant programs and policies.
  • With technical support from the SC, utilize opportunities to build evidence and document impact of effective nutrition interventions;
  • Identify capacity-building opportunities for CBOs and support CBOs to strengthen their implementation of nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive programs;
  • With guidance from the SC, support the consolidation of in country evidence for what works to improve nutrition outcomes, including best practice on relevant links between nutrition and gender, employment, agriculture, food etc. based on SUN practices;

3 Implement actions aligned with national common results framework

  • Share nutrition-related policies with CSA members and relevant stakeholders in country and globally;
  • Coordinate opportunities between CSA members and other SUN Networks for mutual learning from best practices on advocacy in order to generate sustained commitment to SUN;
  • Report on CSA contributions to implementation and monitoring of CRF.

4 Effectively use and significantly increase financial resources for nutrition

  • Advocate for resource mobilization for the SUN Movement at country level;
  • Track current allocations to nutrition-specific spending, disaggregated by sector;
  • With support from the SC, advocate for increased funding by donors to CSAs.