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Steering Committee

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) will be made up of 10 organizations, which is subject to change based on the number of CSOs in the Alliance in order to ensure adequate representation of members. There should also be a gender balance on the SC, with men and women equally represented. Any member organization of the CSA may nominate itself to serve on the SC. SC members will be elected by the general assembly. Nominations and elections will be conducted every 12 months.

Local Representation on the SC

Appropriate representation and participation by national NGOs/ CSOs/ CBOs is a priority for the SUN CSA Myanmar.  While there is no quota for the number of local CSOs that must be included on the SC, participation of local organizations with sufficient capacity, time, and motivation to contribute meaningfully to the SC will be prioritized over participation of international organizations with the same capacities.

SC meetings will be held at least every other month, with extraordinary meetings called as needed.  It is the responsibility of the Secretariat to call the meetings and set the agenda.  The Secretariat will share the proposed agenda to the SC at least one week in advance of the scheduled meeting. Communication between the Secretariat and SC members will normally be by email.

Roles and Responsibilities of Steering Committee

The role of the SC is to provide guidance and technical support to the Secretariat and the general assembly of the SUN CSA.  The specific responsibilities of the SC, which are briefly described in the following section, are in line with the strategic objectives of the SUN Movement 2016-2020.

1 Expand and sustain an enabling political environment

  • Advocate for policy coherence and that sector policies that are consistent with nutrition objectives;
  • Together with the other SUN Networks, support and facilitate the resources to support the development of a common narrative on nutrition in Myanmar through awareness-raising, advocacy, and media engagement;
  • Identify nutrition champions in country to advance the place of nutrition on the development agenda.

3 Implement actions aligned with national common results framework

  • Provide guidance to the Secretariat on ways to promote mutual learning among CSA members and generate sustained commitment to SUN;
  • Advocate for the adoption of national impact indicators for nutrition program monitoring and evaluation.

2 Prioritize effective actions that contribute to good nutrition

  • Help to identify opportunities to build evidence and document impact of effective nutrition interventions;
  • Support the consolidation of in country evidence for what works to improve nutrition outcomes, including best practice on relevant links between nutrition and gender, employment, agriculture, food etc. based on SUN practices

4 Effectively use and significantly increase financial resources for nutrition

  • Advocate for resource mobilization for the SUN Movement at country level;
  • Support the scale up own resources in support of country action.

Steering Committee Members List for the year 2023

NoOrganization NameRole
1Chan Myae Myittar Development AssociationChair
2World Fish InternationalCo-chair
3Save the ChildrenSecretariat
4Karuna Mission Social Solidarity (KMSS)Member
5Sympathy Hands Community Development Organization (SHCDO)Member
6Future Peace and Human Resource Development (FPHRD)Member
7Myanmar Enhencement to Empower Trial (MEET)Member
8Alive & Thrive/FHI 360Member
9World Vision International (WV)Member
10World Concern Myanmar (WCM)Member